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I am an artist from Los Angeles pursuing a career in marketing, advertising, and PR. I'm currently pursuing an MBA at my alma mater, Washington University in St. Louis, from which I graduated in 2020 with majors in Marketing and Fine Art and a minor in Business of Art. I strive to be a translator for strategic and creative languages, discussing anything from target demographics to the visual elements of a campaign. As an artist, I am no stranger to the critiquing and iterative process, and pride myself on an ability to welcome feedback in the interest of facilitating superior work. I look forward to bringing the duality of my education to the forefront of whatever I do.


During the summer of 2019, I worked as an intern at the Walt Disney ABC Television Group in their Integrated Marketing department. I was assigned projects on five network teams (ABC, Freeform, Unscripted Primetime, and Disney Channels) that handled anything from custom content commercial shoots to live event planning. I loved working with the different brand voices for each network, and often volunteered to create one-sheets and slide decks for internal and external use; I enjoyed having the reputation of the "Keynote design guy" around my office. The internship culminated in a presentation I created and led on a 360-degree campaign for a show and brand of my choice that involved integrations and placements as well as social drivers and a custom campaign website. 


At my first internship with the Horowitz Agency, I was able to write articles posted on Forbes while designing print advertisements that would later be included in The Hollywood Reporter magazine. I've also been hired as a freelance designer on multiple 


occasions to craft anything from logos for a concept Major League Rugby team to modules and tools used by Human At Work in their courses. 

During my undergraduate career, I spent over 100 hours training to be a part of Uncle Joe's Peer Counseling and Resource Center, a student-run mental health resource for undergraduates. My time in the organization's leadership and as a counselor taught me a lot about empathizing and working with a variety of views and ideas, skills I carry with me in my personal and professional life. In my free time, I continue to build on my decade-long study of both electric and acoustic guitar. When I can get away, I'm often found putting my PADI Rescue Scuba Diver certification to good use, with over 100 dives logged exploring the depths of the ocean and my love of underwater photography.  

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