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Kenai and Ozzy Yin Yang-01.png

My high school love of volunteering at animal shelters lead me off the beaten path and to a foundation called Wolf Connection. I entered their annual t-shirt design competition with a visual representation of the beauty of their mission.

The design, featuring Kenai and Ozzy, two wolf-dogs sheltered at the foundation, aimed to represent the "wolf therapy" that a connection with these animals provides. The yin yang motif and the inclusion of multiple generations of the pack symbolized a sense of tranquility and community. Additional information can be found at the Wolf Connection Page or by clicking here. 

Wolf Connection

In the pursuit of an internship, I entered a design competition working on branding a new set of logos for the women's athletic wear company GRRRL. The brief was to make a suite of single-color designs that would be used on GRRRL's new eco-friendly, recyclable packaging. 


I wanted to create a design that reflected the brand's devotion to femininity and strength, as their athletic wear focuses on performance for a warrior-esque athlete and the celebration of female empowerment. The intertwining chain and flower motif, as well as the use of tattoo-style designs, was my attempt to do just that. The designs were selected as one of three finalists for the competition.

Design Suite.png


Major League Rugby

Final rugby for website-01.png

While working as a freelance designer I was brought onto a project centered around pitching a Major League Rugby team for the sport-centered city to potential investors. The client needed a logo that captured the iconography of the city and visually represented the name The St. Louis Navigators.

I was able to distill the many ideas down to a simple compass design, with elements that drew from the St. Louis city flag. The face shows the iconic fleur de lis of St. Louis with three of the four city colors represented in the design.   

While working at the Horowitz Agency in 2017 I had the opportunity to put my Adobe Illustrator knowledge to the test. In addition to my daily tasks, I began presenting designs for various client briefs. 

I created this design to be sleek and professional, as I learned that many law firms prefer that aesthetic. Be that as it may, I still wanted to catch the eye of the reader, creating the curtain effect and placing a director's chair at the center to illustrate the content of the advertisement.


The client ultimately chose my design from a selection of others, and after connecting with them for some iterative work, it went on to be featured in The Hollywood Reporter magazine (a copy of which I still have on my desk to this day).

Lichter Luc Besson THR Ad

The Hollywood Reporter

Whether on the job during one of my internships or freelancing while in school, I rarely miss an opportunity to open up an Adobe program and create visual work. These designs are some additional selections from my work portfolio that illustrate, quite literally, my passion for finding a unique way to create visual work.


Perhaps it's the marketing major inside of me creeping into my visual work, but I am always thinking of ways to represent something in a new way, the likes of which a client hasn't seen before. 

Other Work

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