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Studio Art

Forest Park Scene
Psychedelic Interest
Concrete Sea
Cibo da Firenze - Fiore di Zuca
Cibo Da Firenze - Tartufo
Cibo Da Firenze - Bistecca Fiorentina
Jerry's Tropics
Mary Grace

These pieces were created with a range of materials, as my interests in mixed media have brought me to experiment with pastel, ink, mylar sheets, charcoal, collage, calligraph printing, etching, and more.  

When arriving at the critical moment in a piece, often described as one in which an element is working so well that the introduction of the next risks upsetting a balance, I find myself pressing on in the pursuit of exploration as opposed to holding back. 


Many of the pieces were created in tandem with my wildlife and underwater photography. I often draw on my fascination with nature for inspiration. ​

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