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Entertainment Brand Solutions

Over the course of my internship, I worked on four different teams within the Entertainment Brand Solutions department, which handled integrated marketing across the Walt Disney Television umbrella. In addition to working on the Freeform team, I got to work with the ABC, Primetime, and Disney Channels teams, as I gained experience with the many different projects on which I was put.


This is the full slide deck from my final internship project: a 360-degree campaign I developed and presented to the department. I integrated the clothing brand Zara into an episode of Freeform’s Grown-ish that would tackle the issue of fashion sustainability. The deck was filled with proposed custom content segments, concept website designs, and a clear structure detailing what drove where. Even with a project intended to push the boundaries of possibility, I aimed to ground the individual elements in feasibility. Hearing the words “we should pitch this” from a superior is still one of the most rewarding moments of my career.

Grownish + ZARA Deck (Title Slide)

The Freeform Network

With the tag line "a little forward," the Freeform Network strives to capture the outspoken and socially relevant tone of many young adults. As a member of the demographic, I felt I had an understanding of what design styles would best capture the essence of a bold youth in the modern age. The main projects I worked on were slide decks and one-sheets meant to pitch shows to clients for various integrations. 

Included are slides from pitch decks that showcase one of Freeform's many shows, Good Trouble, and how various companies have been integrated into the show. The decks show technology, retail, and auto integrations, each designed to reflect Freeform's graphic style along with the content for the pitch. 

Also shown is a collection of one-sheets made for the 30 Days of Disney sponsorship opportunity. The event also included a sponsorship opportunity for the behind-the-scenes look at Galaxy's Edge, the new Star Wars section of Disneyland. The designs needed to honor both classic Disney and Star Wars imagery while remaining cohesive.

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