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By Land

Originally I learned about photography through conversations with fellow nature photographers but I began learning formal skills at school. I studied both digital and film photography during my semester abroad in Florence, Italy and have since taken classes on documentary photography, the history of photography, and more.

As a nature photographer, I've had to learn to quickly adjust to live subjects and changing weather conditions, as nature often provides few opportunities to capture the perfect shot. Learning landscape photography, I've had the chance to explore more about the camera and composition.

By Sea

My photography started soon after my passion for scuba diving, which lead me into the unique world of underwater photography. Before long I moved past GoPro photography and began to apply formal skills to my underwater hobby. 


I quickly graduated to a more complex rig as the years went by, and learned most of what I know about operating a camera through an underwater housing. As I progressed through the PADI courses, from the Open Water certification to that of Rescue Diver, so too did my skills with the camera. I became comfortable focusing a shot while floating upside down, while in rough currents, and in the pitch black of a night dive. 

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